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Lazybear独家设计 Huggibear改良Premium版
Price RM148.00
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm
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What's in the box

Lazybear exclusive design
Huggibear upgraded into Premium version are incoming
What's so special about the modified version of Huggibear

It is very normal for newborn babies to sweat easily due to their fast metabolism.
The back of this enhanced version is made of genuine Lenzing Tencel fabric!
More breathable and cooler
Superior moisture conduction

We use genuine Austrian Lenzing Tencel fabric, which has a unique moisture management function that absorbs moisture and releases it in a natural and regular way.
Natural antibacterial, based on superior moisture conduction, moisture is quickly absorbed into the fiber, and a moisture film that supports bacterial growth cannot be formed on the surface of the fiber to form an antibacterial and anti-mite barrier to protect the baby.
Silky smooth and smooth fabric surface, brings a silky feeling to the skin without itching.

Dual material double-sided design
Let the baby experience two kinds of enjoyment at a time, you can choose according to different situations
The front is 100% anti-allergic pure cotton
The back is genuine Lenzing Tencel fabric suitable for babies who are prone to sweating

Inner filling: We use American antibacterial and anti-mite cooling fiber cotton
This is a universal pillow that can be used from newborn to 8 years old
After the age of two, you can put the bear's little arm behind it to make it taller
The super-large arc design can sleep up to 8 years old without any problem, super practical
The whole pillow is easy to wash, easy to wash and dry, say goodbye to milk stains, stains, sweat stains!
Absolutely local production, high quality control, high safety and hygiene quality

If you have any inquiries or questions for more detail, please send a private message to ask us for the further detail
Kindly chat with customer service, if there any confusion and inquiries

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